Sugar is an essatial part of every day food. sourcing best quality sugar from all over the world and supply in UAE market. We also export sugar in various countries of Middle East and North Africa. Our aim is to provide quality food products for everyone and everywhere.

Sugar products play a significant role in the human diet in most parts of the world as they are an important source of food energy. It is a soft commodity, meaning that it is grown, rather than mined and is identified as primarily tropical. Sugar is valued not only for the sweetness is brings to our food but its preservation and fermentation properties.

Sugar, however, is not just restricted to the food industry. The production of sugar also creates by-products such as beet pulp and molasses which can be used as livestock feed, and ethanol which can be used as a biofuel.

Smithonics Corporation FZE work intensively with different players within the sugar trading industry. Our soft commodities team has a great network of sugar traders, sugar marketers/account managers, sugar operations/logistics specialist, sugar analysts etc

Smithonics Corporation FZE Sugar trades raw sugar in bulk, white sugar in bags or containers, and participates in ethanol trade from offices located in Geneva, Hong Kong, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Amsterdam. We originate sugar from the world’s leading sugar producing countries, including Brazil, where we co-own and operate two major sugar export terminals, handling bulk and bags.

We ship and distribute sugar to customers, industrials, distributors and end-users through offices in Egypt, India, China, Russia, Ukraine and other consuming countries worldwide.

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