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Smithonics Corporation Group today is a leading name in the food trading business recognized as a one stop destination offering a wide range of premium quality products., Smithonics Corporation has Global presence with offices in Singapore and across India. Smithonics Corporation today is a name to reckon with as an importer, exporter and distributor of a complete range of food and non food products for the food service and retail industry.

Our experienced and professional staffs address their needs with utmost care and awareness. We are well recognized for our well maintained standards of international hygiene control regulations

Our vision

Supply our customers with the highest quality product and services , incapable of being matched by our competitors and there by increasing our market share. And to be a fore runner as a supplier of quality food commodities and establish a strong consumer base our brand

Our Mission

We are committed to continually provide best customer service and promote value of quality food items. Our strategy is to constantly improve our service and products by conducting studies, researches, and implementing the latest developments in the field of food science and technology.

Why Choose Us

Our Values

continuously improving, searching, setting and achieving new targets to meet customer satisfaction. Our team comprises of highly dedicated & trained professionals to perform various functions such as purchase

State of the art packing facility

We have state of the art packing facility with highly sophisticated machinery and monitored by highly expertised and experienced supervisors to ensure international quality standards.

Stress-Free Delivery

We deliver fresh products in best quality long shelf life to UAE market as well as we are re-exporters to Saudi Arabia Market. We bring both by sea and by air products to market.

Our Products


Are you looking for a rice suppliers company UAE that exports quality rice from India and Pakistan? Of yes, we can help you with a complete range of Basmati and Non-Basmati rice from the Indian subcontinent.

Fresh Fruits

each and every fruit is grown with complete care and a combination of ethical practices. The goodness of the soil, the natural fertilizers, the farming conditions, and the entire process comes together to bring the world’s highest quality and most authentic produce to the customers.


Sugar is an essatial part of every day food. sourcing best quality sugar from all over the world and supply in UAE market. We also export sugar in various countries of Middle East and North Africa.

Poultry Products

It is a privilege to provide a diverse selection of chicken productsbeing fresh and of the upmost quality Like all of the products we distribute, the chickens are Halal and are under strict quality and hygiene control to ensure that customers have the most pleasant and safe dining


Smithonics Corporation Group organizes in exporting and providing new vegetables and make each exact move to be the pioneer of UAE vegetable exporter. We are trading different vegetables in the center

Fresh Meat

Our products are produced by a community of ranchers and farmers who tend to the cattle and land with values that we all hold dear: honesty, hard work & resourcefulness. All our products adhere to strict quality standards and aging process to allow for maximum tenderness

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